Initial symptom diagnosis / SHOULDER

Dislocated shoulder, loose shoulder, or chronic shoulder instability


The shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion of any other joints in the body, making it the most easily dislocated one. The most common causes are accidents in which the arm or shoulder takes a hard hit in the wrong position, such as sports-related injuries or road accidents.

After receiving shoulder closed reduction treatment, some patients may have loose shoulders and chronic shoulder instability. Chronic shoulder instability and dislocation can interfere with daily life, for example, patients with loose shoulder are unable to play badminton, patients with chronic shoulder instability are unable to do rock climbing, or dislocated shoulder can occur when you simply lay down with your arm above your shoulder.

When to see a doctor

  • Accidentally hit and dislocated your shoulder for the first time.
  • Chronic shoulder instability and dislocation
  • Loose shoulders interfere with your daily life
Fri, 18 Jun 2021
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