Initial symptom diagnosis / FOOT AND ANKLE



Flatfeet can be found in all genders and ages, but slightly more in women than in men. It often first becomes noticeable to people in young adult age, when the arches on the inside of their feet are flattened, causing the feet to point outward. Flatfeet is usually not a problem for most young people as they can perform daily tasks as usual.

Flatfeet can cause pain which increased by age, or by use, for example, standing, walking, or running for prolonged hours. Pain may occur as a result of ligament tears around the inner sole. Some may experience pain in the outer side of ankle joints if the feet are flat for a long time and the pain is usually severe.

When to see a doctor

  • Absence of foot arch or very low foot arch
  • Foot pain which interferes with your daily life.
  • Daily activities are limited due to foot pain and swelling knee, for example, walking or exercising.
Fri, 18 Jun 2021
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