Customer testimonials / Runners must read! Peek at the step-by-step guide to the fitness testing of runners with sports medicine physicians.

Runners must read! Peek at the step-by-step guide to the fitness testing of runners with sports medicine physicians.

Wed, 11 May 2022

Is your body ready for “running”?

How can you protect yourself from injuries while “running”?

What is the appropriate daily dietary intake to support your “running” activities?

This program can answer all your questions about running. Specifically for runners, the fitness testing is conducted by sports scientists to assess injuries and provide consultations on running-related issues and foot evaluation by Suparat Thuannavarat, M.D., rehabilitation medicine physician at kdms Hospital.


Runners from the ZERO to TEN club, led by Coach O, took part in the fitness testing program to get themselves ready for the upcoming running event. Let’s check out the detailed fitness assessment with fellow runners!🥇

1. Flexibility Testing by Sports Scientist

Sit-And-Reach Testing to measure Tightness in Lower Back 

Measurement of Trunk Flexibility

2. Muscle Strength Testing by Sports Scientists

Measurement of Leg Muscles

Measurement of Abdominal Muscle Strength

Measurement of Deltoid, Pectoralis, and Brachialis Muscles

Measurement of Biceps Femoris

Measurement of Gastrocnemius Muscles

Measurement of Abductor Muscles

3. Other Testing related to Running

Assessing Speed and Agility

Strength and Endurance Testing

Assessing Balance

4. Analyze Other Aspects related to Running

Nutrition Analysis

Postural Assessment

Body Composition Analysis by InBody Machine

4. Analyze Other Aspects related to Running

Measure Feet / Examine Foot Shape

Measure Leg Length Discrepancy

Examine Body and Injuries from Running by Rehabilitation Medicine Physician

Comprehensive Testing!
Let’s hear the feedback from three of the team representatives.

“Absolutely fantastic! We have gained valuable insights into our physical impairments. The test results indicate that my left side is stronger than the right, which presents a great opportunity for me to focus on further developing and enhancing my fitness performance.”

– Khun Chatchanant Methajittipan

“The testing pinpoints our physical impairments, enabling enhancements in our fitness performance. It indicates the reasons behind recurring injuries, such as falls or ankle sprains. The test result allows us to understand our physical limitations and highlight areas that require improvement.”

– Khun Supima Joibumrung

“I really love this program! It helps identify our physical impairments, allowing us to track our fitness gains. I highly recommend this program, especially for athletes who exercise frequently, including runners. Personally, I feel that this physical assessment is very beneficial as it helps indicates our strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing specific area of improvement as well as reducing the risk of injuries.”

– Khun Chatwatsaya Supasirichatthana

Runners and fitness enthusiasts who are planning for long-distance races, whether it’s a marathon or a trail running race, should consider taking this test. It is also ideal for non-runners who actively participate in running workouts.

The fitness assessment program for runners costs only 2,900 baht. You will also get a health book to keep track of your fitness progress and make informed comparisons with the results from next year’s testing.


To find out more about the fitness assessment program, CLICK 👈

Engage in a regular training to enhance your physical fitness before running! 😊

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