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Medical treatments for shoulder joint disorders at kdms

Pain that occurs in the front, on the side, or behind the shoulder joint is a common disorder. It may be caused by a deformity of the shoulder joint, muscle pain around the shoulder joint, or abnormalities of the cervical vertebrae. The treatment requires history taking, physical 3, or additional examinations, such as X-ray examination or MRI, to determine the cause of the disease.

Pain caused by shoulder disorders, including rotator cuff tendinitis, degeneration, rotator cuff tear, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, chronic shoulder instability, shoulder tendonitis caused by shoulder disorders, and shoulder osteoarthritis. Some treatments for these symptoms are similar, some are different. Some symptoms require resting,less activities, and medication to relieve pain and inflammation. Specific treatment for each symptom group through a holistic approach should be performed. In addition to resting, less activities, and medication, physical therapy is sometimes needed for specific symptoms, as well as surgical treatments. Interdisciplinary treatments performed by a team of specialists are highly effective.

kdms has a highly specialised team in shoulder joint treatments, with non-surgical treatments, physical therapy, as well as surgical treatments if needed. If you have any further questions regarding shoulder dysfunction, shoulder pain, or any other shoulder disorder, please feel free to consult our team.    

Diseases or conditions occurred around the should joint

  • Rotator cuff tendinitis and glenohumeral osteoarthritis
  • Calcific tendonitis
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Shoulder tendonitis is caused by shoulder disorders.
  • Shoulder osteoarthritis 
  • Chronic shoulder instability 
  • Fractured clavicle
  • Fractured shoulder
Multimodal physical therapy
Therapeutic exercise
Local injection to relieve inflammation
Arthroscopic shoulder surgery to treat chronic shoulder instability
Arthroscopic shoulder surgery to treat a rotator cuff tear

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