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Rehabilitation and physical therapy at kdms

Our treatment are provided by trained rehabilitation doctor or physiatrists and multidisciplinary team include physiotherapists and sport scientists.

At kdms, yyour quality of life is our first priority. We provide personalized medical services and consider all of your conditions to help you relief from pain and regain normal daily function as much as possible following musculoskeletal injury or surgery. 

Therefore, we arrange well-trained multidisciplinary teams of the rehabilitation specialists, including orthopedic physiotherapists, sport scientists, work together with physiatrists who are specialized in musculoskeletal disorders and focus on various non-invasive treatment modalities from acute to chronic stages.

At kdms, our treatment methods from the specialists are based on the ‘active rehabilitation technique’, a sustainable evidence-based medical technique with various methods and tools designed to strengthen and facilitate recovery of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal system after injuries. Moreover, the causal analysis of musculoskeletal damages, such as determining improper postures that could cause injuries, is also emphasized at KDMS to prevent any further damages.

Our commitment is to provide a complete array of comprehensive orthopedic care to improve quality of life and maintain your musculoskeletal health.

Diseases or conditions associated with rehabilitation and physical therapy management

  • Disorders related to muscle pain, e.g. myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia
  • Office syndrome or disorders related to repetitive activities, e.g. de Quervain’s tenosynovitis, trigger fingers
  • Disorders related to neck pain, e.g. cervical spondylosis, thoracic kyphosis
  • Degenerative joint disorders, e.g. osteoarthritis of knees and hips
  • Lumbar spondylosis, compression fracture of vertebral spine, herniated nucleus pulposus, or scoliosis
  • Back pain caused by improper body posture and activities 
  • Disorders related to weakness and numbness, e.g. nerve entrapment syndromes
  • Neuropathic pain caused by nerve injuries,  phantom limb pain 
  • Joint stiffness and deformities
  • Shoulder pain and frozen shoulder
  • Sports-related injuries that require non-invasive treatments or physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery, as well as laparoscopic surgery
  • Foot pain and ankle sprains that requires non-invasive treatments
  • Pediatric musculoskeletal disorders, e.g. leg length discrepancy, flat foot, club foot, scoliosis
Acupuncture, trigger point needling or local injection
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy
High intensity laser therapy or high power laser
Magnetic stimulation
Multimodal physical therapy
Therapeutic exercise
Orthoses and prostheses prescription 

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